Electric Scooters Are Out To Get Us

You may have noticed that our streets are being flooded by a wave a new stand up electric scooters, many from a company called Bird thanks to $250 million dollars in new venture capital.

The problem with these things, which go as fast as 20 MPH, is that people are riding them on sidewalks, where pedestrians are walking at between 2-3 MPH.

I’ve literally almost been hit twice by one of these in the past week while walking.  If a pedestrian does get hit, and is injured, the driver and owner of that scooter are going to held liable for damages.

Right now, Bird, which was founded by a former Uber exec, is going around the country trying to make it legal to ride these things on sidewalks.  So just remember, if you’ve been wronged, I’m here to make it right.

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer.