Miami Beach Negligent Security Lawyer

Unfortunately, violent crime is part of life in Miami Beach, for residents and visitors alike. If you were attacked and injured in Miami Beach while you were on somebody else’s property, you may have a viable claim of negligent security. By pursuing such a claim, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

In Miami Beach as elsewhere, property owners are expected to keep their premises reasonably safe for invited guests–both for business customers (hotel guests, bar or restaurant patrons, etc.) and for purely social invitees. If a criminal attack against guests was foreseeable, the person or business in control of the property would be expected to take measures aimed at preventing such attacks. Evidence of prior crimes in the area is often (though not always) the key to proving foreseeability.

Owners and operators of bars or restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, or condominium complexes may be expected to hire security guards, install fences or security cameras, provide adequate lighting on their premises, or take similar measures to keep their guests as safe as possible. Schools, cities, counties, and other entities may also be held responsible if they provide inadequate security on their premises.

In areas where attacks do happen, businesses often hire security companies to protect their patrons. If an attack occurs anyway, in such circumstances the victim may be able to bring a claim against the security company itself.

However, what constitutes negligent security is not always easy to determine. Courts recognize the costs involved in taking security measures, and try to balance those costs against the anticipated needs. Whether an attack was foreseeable, or whether a victim was within a foreseeable “zone of risk” are often issues open to wide interpretation. Therefore, if you were a victim of crime and you are considering pursuing compensation for what you believe was negligent security, it is extremely important that you discuss your situation with an experienced Miami Beach personal injury attorney.

Since 1996, Esquenazi Law has built a track record of success in helping both residents and visitors to Miami Beach who were injured as a result of negligent or inadequate security. In the tragic cases where negligent security leads to an untimely death, we are also well prepared to represent surviving family members who are pursuing wrongful death claims.

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