Miami Beach Premises Liability Lawyer

In Florida, as elsewhere in the U.S., the owners or other people who are in control of a particular property are expected to keep that property safe for others who come onto it. In some cases, they are required to inspect the property and fix any hazardous conditions; in others, they must at least provide reasonable warning to visitors about features of the property that may pose a danger.

Both Miami Beach residents and tourists who visit Miami Beach may be severely injured by a variety of dangerous conditions that are covered by premises liability. For example, a patron who slips and falls on a slippery surface in a restaurant, a tenant who falls down unsafe stairs, or a guest who is bitten by a host’s dog may all bring claims for compensation based on the location where the injury occurred, under the theory of premises liability.

In addition, property owners must provide adequate security to protect guests against foreseeable criminal acts. If a person is attacked and injured by someone, he or she may therefore have a valid claim of “negligent security” against the owner or the tenant in control of the property where the attack took place.

If you or someone you love was injured while on someone else’s property, whether in a store or hotel, in a private home or yard, or even in a parking lot or on a sidewalk, you should discuss your circumstances with an experienced Miami Beach premises liability attorney. Falls caused by slipping or tripping can lead to severe injuries, including herniated disks or even more catastrophic spinal cord and brain injuries. An experienced attorney can advise you about the timeframe within which you can bring a claim for compensation for such harm; investigate the accident and collect necessary evidence; and help determine who may be held responsible (for example, whether an injury occurred inside an apartment or in the apartment building’s common hallway may make a difference in the person or entity who may be held responsible).

In Florida, the premises liability analysis varies depending on whether the injured person was a business patron, a social guest, or a trespasser. In addition, children are given greater protection under premises liability law. It is crucial, therefore, that you don’t make assumptions about your situation; instead, you should consult a Miami Beach premises liability attorney.

The Miami Beach firm of Esquenazi Law has a proven track record of successful outcomes in a variety of premises liability claims, including cases that involved negligent or inadequate security, construction site accidents, accidental drownings, amusement park accidents, collapsed structures, and slip and fall incidents.

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