Miami Beach Insurance Dispute Lawyer

All too often, insurance carriers reject valid claims, trusting that the claimants don’t know their rights when it comes to disputing claims. Faced with notification of denial, many people simply give up. The ones who contest the denial, ask for follow-up, and fight for their rights may in fact succeed, but the process will be longer and more difficult if the insurance company representatives know they are dealing with a “layman.” The response is often very different when an attorney becomes involved. In fact, the act of hiring an attorney is sometimes enough to cause an insurance company to simply reverse its stance and pay your claim.

Like the representatives of the insurance companies, attorneys are professional negotiators. Like those representatives, experienced attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of the relevant laws, and with the payouts for similar claims in the past. Having an experienced attorney on your side goes a long way toward evening out the balance of power. This is even more true when the attorney has worked for insurance companies in the past, and has an insider’s knowledge of insurance company strategies and patterns.

Based in Miami Beach, Florida, attorney Bryant Esquenazi spent the early part of his legal career representing insurance companies in the defense of personal injury cases. During that time, Mr. Esquenazi gained priceless insight into the way in which insurance companies handle the types of claims that he now pursues on behalf of his clients. Since 1996, Mr. Esquenazi has focused exclusively on helping injured plaintiffs. His familiarity with the business practices and mindset of insurance companies has proven to be a key asset in his efforts to achieve maximum compensation for his clients.

Whether you are ready to file an insurance claim and want to start out on the strongest footing possible, or you have already had your claim denied by an insurance company, we are ready to help. At Esquenazi Law, we also help clients pursue “bad faith” claims—in cases where the client’s own insurance company failed to settle a claim against a client, even though it should have, and by doing so caused greater losses for the client.

The attorneys at Esquenazi Law will pursue all the relief that may be available to you—not only getting your claim paid, but also, where relevant, requesting awards of punitive damages or attorneys’ fees.

Esquenazi Law offers a free confidential consultation in all cases involving insurance disputes. Moreover, we don’t get paid unless we obtain compensation for our clients.