Tesla Inc. Just Can’t Stay Out of The News

Elon Musk’s Tesla company just can’t stay out of the news.

This week a Tesla employee admitted to sabotage against the company, which include altering code to some important programs.

Also, hackers have figured out ways to trick the autopilot feature on Tesla’s driverless cars, and now the feds are getting involved.

And another Tesla electric car spontaneously blew up, this one belonging to a hollywood actress. 

We’re living in a brave new world with all this technology and artificial intelligence attempting to run our lives. In the meantime these for-profit companies are going to be held accountable by personal injury lawsuits when people get hurt – and that’s a good thing.

Just remember, when you’ve been wronged, I’m here to make it right.

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer

Dancing FBI Agent Arrested

The dancing FBI agent who’s gun accidentally went off in da club after he did a back flip has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault.

The gun shot hit another patron in the leg and he was hospitalized but is expected to survive, thanks to another patron applying a tourniquet, because they’re saying he would have otherwise bled out and died.

So here’s an another example of a case that has both criminal consequences as well as civil personal injury consequences.

And if toxicology repots show that our Michael Jackson wannabe was intoxicated at the time, well then let’s just say his dancing days are definitely over.

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer