What You Should Do If You’ve Just Been In An Accident


-The first thing is Call 911…get the police out to the scene asap

-And of course, an ambulance if anyone is hurt

-While you’re waiting for the police and the ambulance to arrive, it’s a good idea to collect information from the parties involved

-you want their names, phone numbers, and the names of their insurance carriers

-If you’re injured and therefore can’t collect anyone’s information, it’s ok, it should all be on the police report.  But the police reports can take up to 10 days to become available,  so getting this info yourself can help get your case going while you’re waiting for the report to be published.

-If possible, document the scene.  The best way to do that is by taking pictures.  If you can, take photos the scene, and of the vehicles involved.  The police don’t usually do this, so the one time you have to take photos of the scene is while you’re at the scene.

-You’re also going to need to call your insurance carrier, even if you weren’t at fault.   That’s because Florida is a no-fault state, which has to do with something called PIP benefits.  But, I highly recommend calling an attorney before speaking to any insurance company, even our own.

No Matter What kind of accident you’ve been in, here are a few things that are going to be on your mind in the aftermath:

-how do I get the best medical care available

-who’s going to pay my medical bills

-how is my injury going to affect my future ability to work and enjoy my life the way I did before the accident

-who’s going to fight the insurance companies on my behalf to make sure I’m compensated for my pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish.

You will get answers to all these questions by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, like me, who has answered questions like these for 1000’s of clients over 25 years.

It’s never too soon after an accident to hire me, so call me right away, I’d like to get start working on your case.

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