Bird Box Challenge Taken…While Driving!

There’s a show on Netflix called Bird Box where people walk around blindfolded in order to avoid encountering an evil force that’s all around us, or something.

Well, leave it to a 17-year-old kid in Utah to be the first person, that we know of, to take the bird box challenge while driving.  That’s right the teenager got behind the wheel of car and started driving while blindfolded.  And guess what happened.  It’s not good, that I can tell you.

Not only is this ridiculously stupid but there’s a good chance the kid’s insurance company is going to deny coverage for the ensuing accident because driving blindfolded is not negligence…it’s a very dumb intentional act.  Much like, BTW, drinking and driving, which also raises insurance coverage issues when those accidents eventually happen too.

So today’s lesson is an easy one: don’t drive blindfolded!

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer.