Bird Box Challenge Taken…While Driving!

There’s a show on Netflix called Bird Box where people walk around blindfolded in order to avoid encountering an evil force that’s all around us, or something.

Well, leave it to a 17-year-old kid in Utah to be the first person, that we know of, to take the bird box challenge while driving.  That’s right the teenager got behind the wheel of car and started driving while blindfolded.  And guess what happened.  It’s not good, that I can tell you.

Not only is this ridiculously stupid but there’s a good chance the kid’s insurance company is going to deny coverage for the ensuing accident because driving blindfolded is not negligence…it’s a very dumb intentional act.  Much like, BTW, drinking and driving, which also raises insurance coverage issues when those accidents eventually happen too.

So today’s lesson is an easy one: don’t drive blindfolded!

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer.

Hampton Inn Being Sued by Woman Who Claims She Was Secretly Filmed

Hampton Inn, which is owned by Hilton Hotels, is being sued by a woman who claims a hotel employee secretly filmed her while she was in her room with a hidden camera.  Similar thing happened to sportscaster Erin Andrews a while back and last year a jury awarded her $55 million in damages.

Apparently the hidden camera was there for a while, so anyone who’s recently stayed at the Hampton Inn in Albany, NY should run a few internet searches on themselves.

The fact that it was a hotel employee that did this does not bode well for Hampton Inn.  This is a story that has legs, and I can see hundreds of millions of dollars being paid out to victims.

Not your typical personal injury case, but these people have certainly been wronged, and I could help make it right.

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Attorney

Dancing FBI Agent Arrested

The dancing FBI agent who’s gun accidentally went off in da club after he did a back flip has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault.

The gun shot hit another patron in the leg and he was hospitalized but is expected to survive, thanks to another patron applying a tourniquet, because they’re saying he would have otherwise bled out and died.

So here’s an another example of a case that has both criminal consequences as well as civil personal injury consequences.

And if toxicology repots show that our Michael Jackson wannabe was intoxicated at the time, well then let’s just say his dancing days are definitely over.

Bryant Esquenazi, Personal Injury Lawyer

Harbor Freight Chainsaws Recalled After Reported Injuries

About 1 million chainsaws manufactured by a company called Harbor Freight are being recalled because they stay on even after they’re turned off.  Not surprisingly, that little defect has led to people getting seriously hurt by this runaway chainsaw.

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Electric Scooters Are Out To Get Us

You may have noticed that our streets are being flooded by a wave a new stand up electric scooters, many from a company called Bird thanks to $250 million dollars in new venture capital.

The problem with these things, which go as fast as 20 MPH, is that people are riding them on sidewalks, where pedestrians are walking at between 2-3 MPH.

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